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Wireless 2000 is a product development company specializing in a wide spectrum of applications of wireless technologies. The company has a talented team of highly qualified licensed professional engineers with advanced academic degrees and extensive practical experience in RF, RFID and wireless communications technology.

Wireless 2000's design engineering team is the driving force behind every product created for customers, offering a comprehensive array of value-added product design and engineering design services customized to customer's needs.

Wireless 2000 is committed to the total product life cycle - from customer's idea to the finished product that meets all relevant compliance requirements and is ready for manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive range of design engineering services to meet customers' needs at every stage of the product design process. Wireless 2000's experienced, innovative, and passionate engineers have the agility and expertise to support product design engagements across a wide spectrum, covering a broad range of technical competencies. Whatever the customer's needs, we are uniquely positioned to provide a world class customer service experience that will exceed all customers' expectations.

Wireless 2000 leverage our talented and innovative design engineering team to craft the precise solution for customers' specific needs. Broad product design engineering capabilities in a vast array of product areas and deep competencies in specific product areas allow Wireless 2000 to deliver truly innovative product designs with a swift time-to-market.

By offering flexible and individualized engagements, Wireless 2000 will customize an innovative product design strategy to fit specific customer needs and successfully bring customer products to market. From "a la carte" services to full turnkey solutions, Wireless 2000 will work to create a consumer product design plan tailored to individual customer needs, providing the highest quality product coupled with the best total cost solution.

The Company was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1997 and opened its new Corporate office in Burnaby, British Columbia on January 1, 2003.
Wireless 2000 is privately funded and a wholly Canadian owned corporation.

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