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Patient/Asset Tracking System - PATTM3000
Monitoring Patients To Ensure Their Safety

PATTM3000 system allows healthcare facility staff to track and locate patients using Location Tags. The tags can be worn over or be attached to the outer clothing of at-risk patients. Tags communicate the patient's location status to the monitoring station via wireless meshed network. Depending upon your monitoring system, the tags can even lock doors to prevent unauthorized exits for additional security and safety of patients with Altzheimer's disease or dementia. If, for some reason, a monitored patient does exit the premises, staff is immediately alerted. The exit point can be pinpointed and the patient can then be tracked using a simple handheld tracking device.
Location tags also allow patients to call for help by pressing the "Nurse Call" button on the tag. The PATTM3000 system provides simple, unobtrusive, and automated monitoring of patient location and status resulting in the highest degree of safety and security for patients.
By attaching the Location Tags to equipment that needs monitoring the staff is able to immediately identify the location of equipment on the floor plan displayed on their computer monitor.

Montitoring Equipment To Increase Revenues

PATTM3000 system provides medical personnel with real-time information about movement of equipment around the facility. The ability of staff to locate equipment when it's needed translates into better utilization of equipment and more time spent caring for patients.
A typical hospital spends hundreds of thousand of dollars every year purchasing redundant equipment to ensure that equipment is not lost or misplaced and is available immediately in case of emergency. By providing better control of equipment, PATTM3000 system allows facility administrators to substantially reduce their capital equipment costs.
By continuously tracking the equipment used by patients and providing information on who used it, when and for how long, PATTM3000 system allows better control over the equipment usage time. Tighter control results in more accurate patient billing, leading to better hospital bottom line.

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